Customer Reviews

Cat Owner

"I purchased this product at my local Petsmart in Orlando last week. Recently I had used Frontline which seems to agitate all 3 cats a bit when applied. The last Frontline application wasn't that effective either for some reason. I just applied this product today and my cats seem pretty content so far-with very little sign of live fleas within just the first 12 hours. I paid $39.95 at the store which is a great cost as well. So for the cost, almost no reaction when applied, ect I really like the product and will continue to purchase and use it."

Puppy Owner

"I bought this product for our 9 week old black lab puppy who was covered in fleas when we got her. After applying the fleas were completely gone in 3 days, but most was gone in one. I think this product works as well as the leading brand and I will purchase it again"

Dog and Cat Owner

"We bought this for our Boston Terrier. It worked so well we want to get it for our cats as well. No more fleas, no more ticks... and our yard was badly infested. All this and cheaper than most of equal quality. We love it and would reccommend. It does what it says it will; what more can you ask for?"